Suge Knight Plans To Launch A Podcast From Prison

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Suge Knight is joining the podcast world from prison. 

The Death Row Records founder plans to launch his new series called Collect Calls with Suge Knight and it will be recorded at the prison. Knight will team up with David Mays, the CEO of Breakbeat Media to release the first episode on Halloween. 

The podcast is set to cover the issues or beef that he has had or have with other people. Reports say that he and Mays have recorded five episodes so far, and they are all about 30 minutes each, and will be released weekly on Thursdays for audio and Fridays for video.

“I’m proud that Breakbeat provides this essential and valuable medium. And I’m so excited to be able to enlist the help of my longtime friend and one of hip-hop’s most formidable, pioneering, and fearless leaders to help Breakbeat continue to achieve this goal,” said Mays in a statement. “Collect Calls With Suge Knight will awaken hip-hop fans worldwide and build bridges across multiple generations.”

In the trailer for the first episode, Suge Knight reacts to Warren G’s comments about Tupac signing to Death Row Records. Watch the trailer below.