Suge Knight Signs Over His Life Rights To Ray J

photo credit: DAVID MCNEW / Getty Images

Former Death Row records CEO and west coast kingpin Suge Knight could possibly be in prison for at least the next ten years if not the duration of his life. 


Around January 15th, Knight struck and killed a 55-year-old man and injured another in a hit and run accident. Although he is locked up and caught in such a precarious situation, he is stopping at nothing to keep his legacy alive. and free through his family. 


Suge has expressed many times how tough it has been to trust people in this cut throat music industry, but there is one person who seems to have his full assurance and respect.


That person is none other than former Moesha star Ray J. Suge has signed over his life rights to Ray J with hopes that he will now be the provider and protector for his family. It has become known that they have been friends for year which would make this deal between them more than make sense.


Ray J has been major success lately even outside the music business. He recently invested 5 million dollars to launch his own cannabis brand named William Ray LA. If Ray J plays his cards right in this situation, he could come out with an even more lucrative deal. Some sources have even indicated that Ray J is working on bringing directors and actors together for a huge death row records documentary. Knight has given Ray J alone the green light to use his likeness for any further business ventures which might seem to be good business. Suge has been able to swindle his way out of many situations throughout his career so this should be interesting to see how things play out.