T.I. And Tiny Accused Of Drugging Woman In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris are being sued by a woman who claims that she was drugged by the couple while at a nightclub.

The woman, who filed the suit under the name Jane Doe, says that the incident took place in the VIP section of the nightclub. She recalls having two Amaretto sours that she ordered before Tiny allegedly gave her another drink.

Doe said she never saw Tiny take a sip of the drink before giving it to her, and she would end up sharing it with her friend. Before leaving the nightclub, Doe says that the rapper asked her to ride with him and Tiny, while her friend would ride with T.I’s friend, Caviar, because they were all going to the same place.

The lawsuit goes on to say that two other women joined them in the SUV and then all five of them ended up in the hotel together. However, Tiny would kick the other women out for flirting with T.I. She went on to say that things escalated between her and the married couple.

The unidentified woman then said that she started to feel dizzy and lightheaded and was told to go to bed by the Atlanta rapper. She also claims that the sexual assault started after T.I. demanded a rubbed down from her and that Tiny would join in by pinning her down on her stomach.

She remembers getting sick and being mocked by T.I. before passing out. She states that she woke up with vaginal pain and was told that she had to leave by the rapper’s security guard. The lawsuit states that she is suing the couple for sexual assault, battery, negligence, and false imprisonment.

T.I. and Tiny’s lawyer says that the claims are “bogus and that the plaintiff missed the deadline to file the lawsuit.” The plaintiff recently filed the lawsuit due to California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act, which allows for the revival of claims on cases where the statute of limitations would have run out.