T.I. and Tiny Got Extremely Honest About The Ups And Downs In Their Relationship

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last week T.I. and Tiny, made an appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk to clear up his misconstrued remarks made in regards to his daughter Deyjah’s virginity.

However this week, during part 2 of the episode, the couple sheds some light and tells all about their relationship! While its no secret that T.I. and Tiny has had their fair share of ups and downs during their almost 20yr relationship the two opened up about their relationship before marriage, the loss of their baby, the incarnation of T.I. , and how they were able to get through it all.

Tiny was able to express some of her concerns from her past, feeling as though she didn’t have a voice in her relationship with her husband. She opens up about how she was able to find that voice while he was incarcerated. In response, T.I. expressed how Tiny finding a voice effected him and how it put a strain on their relationship, leading them to almost filing for divorce only a few years after being married.

Over the years the two have always been able to express their love for each other, while going through their rocky times. In 2017, Tiny filed for divorce for the second time, while many of us thought it was the end of their marriage, it’s great to see them back in good standing and overcoming their problems!