T.I. Responds to Chris Brown’s Arrest: ‘There Haven’t Been Any Overwhelming Facts…So I’m Gonna Believe Him’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images

Chris Brown adamantly denies having anything to do with an alleged rape that took place involving a 24-year-old victim in Paris, France over the weekend. And though we’re in the land of #metoo, one colleague says he believes Breezy.

TMZ caught up with rapper T.I. outside Los Angeles’ LAX airport, and asked him what he thought about CB’s recent assault allegations. As a man that’s been through a few situations himself, T.I. made it clear that he believes in “innocent until proven guilty.”

“It’s just peculiar. I know him personally; I don’t really know her. There haven’t been any overwhelming facts to show me what he’s saying is not true. So I’m gonna believe him,” T.I. said.

He continued, “The climate of society right now is empowering victims, which is phenomenal. For women to find their voice and have the strength to speak out against perpetrators—that’s phenomenal. But ya’ll gotta also realize that it’s also arming people who have a malicious intent and vindictive natures to go after people undeservingly.”

While Tip opened up to TMZ, he also turned to Instagram to express his opinion on the allegations made against Brown.

T.I. highlights the fact that Chris Brown was just announced as the youngest artist to own his masters only for rape allegations to emerge days later. He captioned his post, “First this… Then RAPE allegations? #KingsCriticalThinking