Tamar Braxton Confirms Chrisean Rock Assaulted Singer At Recent Show

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After allegations of Chrisean Rock assaulting a member of Tamar Braxton’s performance crew, the singer has spoken up. Braxton, who is currently on tour, has confirmed that Rock assaulted singer James Wright Chanel. 

The All The Way Home singer posted a video “out of respect for James,” to discuss the incident.

“He got assaulted at my show,” she shared. “And it was by Chrisean.”

Braxton confirmed that Wright Chanel was left with a bloody nose, “concussion,” and his teeth damaged. He posted a video of himself receiving dental assistance after the incident.

“Chrisean is someone I look at like, from afar, a younger sister,” Braxton continued. “She was somebody I wanted to meet, to possibly take under my wing.”

She went on to explain that she did invite the Baltimore native to come on stage for the show’s “twerk off” but not to perform. She said that there must have been a “misunderstanding” between both parties.

Braxton confessed that the entire incident has unfortunately made her rethink if she should go through with the second leg of her Love and War Tour.

Since the entire incident and its aftermath, Chrisean Rock has deactivated all of her social media accounts.