Tamar Braxton In Trouble with Pilot on Delta Flight! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: David Livingston – Getty Images


While boarding a flight on Delta Airlines, Tamar Braxton got scolded by one of the pilots!


Tamar was traveling with her sister Towanda when a pilot approached them and asked if they can follow directions from the crew.


The pilot claims that the Braxton sisters were acting very suspicious while boarding the flight.


Apparently the sisters tried to leave the flight and their baggage on the plane which put up a red flag for the crew, however, Towanda believes that this was just an incident of  ‘Flying While Black.’


Towanda expressed her dissatisfaction with the airline as she went to twitter and posted a short snippet of the incident on Instagram.


Take a look below:


On twitter, Delta responded to Towanda telling her to DM them about the incident and that they are looking into it. Tamar and Towanda are diamond and double million mile flyers with the airline so this incident did not sit well with them!  


Link to Twitter Post:


By: Monasia Deana