Tammy Rivera Claims She Was Racially Profiled While At CVS + The Company To Launch An Investigation

Tammy Rivera is calling out CVS after one of their workers racially profiled her while shopping. 

On Sunday, October 24, Rivera went on her Instagram Live to explain the situation that had just taken place. Since going viral, CVS has stated that they will be launching an investigation into the claim. 

In the video, the reality tv star showed that she had opened a silk head scarf package and claimed that the worker had yelled at her for doing so. You can also hear Rivera telling the woman to call the police after their exchange of words escalated. 


Rivera would later go back on Instagram to further explain the incident. 

“Hey, y’all, so I’m home and I have calmed down. I’m a lot more calmer than I was earlier. I just want to clarify some things and get people to understand why I was so upset. I went inside CVS tonight because I just left Belize and I got if you can see these mosquitos bites, and they itch like h*** so I was like let me stop by and get some hydrocortisone, and of course, when you go into the store like all us females we end up getting stuff that we don’t even need. I went and grab a bonnet and some hair oil, you know whatever,” she said. 

She continued, “But as I walk, I watch this lady watch me through three aisles. And I watch her stand behind the corner aisle acting like she fixing stuff…I’m watching her this whole time and I’m thinking to myself, look at this goofy back here watching thinking about to steal some stuff but whatever, I paid it no mind. Not once did she greet me, not once did she ask if I needed help with anything, not once did she say hello, goodnight, is there anything I can help you with? Instead, as soon as she saw me do something that she felt wasn’t right or against store policy, she – ‘don’t do that’, and I’m telling you just like that, ‘don’t do that, don’t’ to the point I turn around and I’m like ‘who the h*** is you talking to?’ 

Watch the entire video below.


A rep from CVS said that an investigation will be launched due to its “firm non-discrimination policy.” 

Tammy Rivera did say that she does not want the employee to be fired but educated.