Tanisha Godfrey, From Viral Chicken Salad Video, Lands Partnership With Weight Watchers

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“You better come get you one of these!” Tanisha Godfrey is doing big things!

The viral star just landed a partnership deal with Weight Watchers.

She went viral after posting a  TikTok video of her saying:

“Y’all better come up here and get one of these…It’s a chicken salad…81st Deli…superior”

Godfrey said, “I had got off work. Because it was hot, I was like, I don’t want anything heavy. So I stopped at the store like I normally do. And I was like, ‘Hey, you guys make salad now, right? And (Herbawi) was like, ‘Yes.’ So I was like, ‘Can I get a chicken salad?’ and I gave him the extra things to put in. And once he was done, it was a beautiful salad. So he said, ‘Hey, let’s make a TikTok.’ And that’s where it started.”

The soundbite instantly became a viral sensation garnering over 6 millions views on just TikTok alone. Weight Watchers got a hold of the star and invited her to their kitchen to create her very own chicken salad, “The Nisha Chicken Salad.”

“Y’all better come up and get (or make) this #chickensalad. TikTok star Nisha Godfrey came to visit us at the WeightWatchers test kitchen and made us her dream chicken salad. The key ingredients? Raw mushrooms and banana peppers. Loaded with other ZeroPoint faves like pickles, grilled chicken, and tomatoes, this salad only needs a sprinkle of Parm and a bit of vinaigrette, plus a dash of lemon pepper for superior flavor,” Weight Watchers wrote.

We love to see it. Congrats to Tanisha!