Tank On Last R&B Album, His Acting Career, & Being Ginuwine’s Wingman

Grammy award-winning singer Tank caught up with our very own Deja Vu to give her some insight on things he has been focusing on besides music. 

He also opened up about his health issues, losing his hearing, and still not knowing the cause of the problem. Tank said that between losing his hearing, and taking the medication to help preserve and restore it, he found a version of himself he didn’t recognize. 

“When I went through my health thing with losing my hearing and the vertigo, the medicine really did me in,” he said. “I became depressed because I lost my hearing, and I didn’t know how I was going to get out of that. I’m dizzy and I’m depressed because I’m dizzy and through all of that the steroids made me eat like crazy. I was really another version of Tank that I’ve never seen.” 

Tank also went on to take about the early stages of his career, when he first knew that he could sing and what it was like touring with the late Aaliyah and Ginuwine back in the day. He also revealed that this last album will be his last album. Check out the entire interview now.