Teacher Under Investigation for Telling Black Students to Research ‘Slave Games’ [VIDEO]

Photo credit – Konstantin L/Shutterstock

A Wisconsin gym teacher had a different idea for a physical education assignment.

According to reports, seventh-grade students at Shorewood Intermediate School were told to research games that enslaved children played.

One parent, Dr. Reshunda Stephens, said her daughter, MaHailey Stephens came home one day asked her “mom, what are slave games.” Stephens also told her mom that her classmates were separated by their race.

The concerned mother told the news that she didn’t know what slave games were. She also said she, “never knew slaves had opportunities to play games.”

Dr. Reshunda also told reporters that this isn’t the first time this educator has demonstrated racist behavior. Stephens’ older sister said she had the same teacher and “this sort of thing happened before.”

The gym teacher, whose identity hasn’t been released yet, has been put on paid leave. The school sent letters to the parents, explaining the situation. Part of the statement said,

“We take these allegations extremely serious. Throughout this situation, student safety and well-being have been our top priority. Our school counselor, school psychologist, Dean of Students, and the SIS principal have been providing support to the students who were directly involved in the incident.”

Stephens’ said, how many more times do people have to feel uncomfortable until change happens.”

Take a look at the news clip here: