Teddy Riley Reveals The Real Reason He Left Guy

Teddy Riley has revealed the real why he left the R&B group, Guy. 

During his episode of UNCENSORED, Riley said that he quit the group after a fatal shooting. In 1989, his group and New Edition were on tour together and their entourages were reportedly not getting along with each other. 

Riley recalls that on July 9th,1989, that tension became worse and said that New Edition’s production manager Ronald Byrd had shot and killed Guy’s security chief, Anthony Bee. The shooting took place in front of the Hyatt Hotel. 

Byrd was convicted of manslaughter in 1990 and sentenced to five to ten years in prison. He stated that it was at that moment he realized that he couldn’t be in the group anymore. 

He said, “My friend Anthony Bee got shot three or four times by one of the New Edition guys. I don’t want to put his name out there because you know, he’s forgiven. You know he was defending himself, but it was my guy who got shot. The reason why I quit the group was because I lost my best friend and I couldn’t take the pressure.” 

He added, “I didn’t want to quit the group. Those are my brothers, but I felt like I had to take that break.”