Teddy Riley Speaks In Detail About His Current Custody Battle For Youngest Son

Teddy Riley is going in detail about his current custody battle with the mother of his youngest son. 

We recently reported that the legendary producer revealed that it has been three years since he has seen his son. Now he is going into more details about the situation on the latest episode of Red Table Talk. 

While speaking with the hosts, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Riley said,”I’m just hearing from so many different people that his mom’s goal is to keep him away from me. It really hurts because here’s someone I wanted to marry and I gave everything to.” 

He also revealed that he didn’t meet his biological father until he was nine years old and vowed that he would never be an absentee parent to his children. “I have to change the narrative and be in all of my kids’ lives. 

The producer has nine children and stated that his son’s mother came up with the co-parenting conditions so that the courts wouldn’t be involved. “We have a co-parenting contract, and I lived to that contract.” 

He added, “The contract is one-sided because in the contract, I let her have the physical custody and I did not read that. I just said ‘You do it. You handle it because she actually worked for my accountant and she knew everything.”

Teddy Riley continues to speak about the situation and explains how the courts became involved after the contract was made in the episode. 

The current episode of Red Table Talk is streaming now on Facebook Watch.