Teen In Critical Condition After Being Shot By A Police Officer At Six Flags

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A teenager is fighting for his life after being shot by a police officer after a huge brawl broke out among teenagers at the Six Flags Theme Park in Georgia.

Police say that the group of over 600 hundred teens were causing chaos that caused other guests to panic. Video footage of the incident shows one group jumping another person who then appeared to be lying motionless on the ground.

The park’s security called the police, and discovered a large crowd of people leaving the theme park. Shortly after arriving at the park, shots were fired between the teenagers and the police, leaving a 15-year-old in critical condition.

“At some point, multiple people began shooting, hitting an unoccupied CCPD (Cobb County Police Department) marked patrol car,” said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in a statement. “As officers identified where the shots were coming from, they ran after people who had run into the woods. During the incident, one CCPD officer fired his weapon.”

The 15-year-old was taken to Grady Hospital and it was reported that another person has died. “It is incredibly disappointing that our community is disrupted at public events throughout the region by groups of underaged youth. Just like other venues in the area, we are committed to keeping this type of trouble outside our park and off our property,” Six Flags Over Georgia said in a statement. “Every guest is expected to follow our strict code of conduct and anyone unwilling to follow that code of conduct is unwelcome.”