Terrell Owens Hit By A Car After A Pick-Up Basketball Game

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Terrell Owens has reportedly been hit by a car on Monday Night. 

The accident happened after Owens was involved in a small argument after a pick-up basketball game. The former NFL star was playing basketball in the Calabasas area where the argument ensued. 

The police state that the man who was arguing with Owens got into his car and drove it into the former wide receiver’s knee, however, he did not require any medical attention. The police took a report for assault with a deadly weapon, but no arrests have been made yet. An investigation is currently ongoing. 

This isn’t the first time that Owens has been involved in different incidents. In 2022, he was caught arguing with his female neighbor that would lead to criminal charges for the woman. He was also involved in a physical fight with a heckler outside of a CVS. 

We’re glad to know that Terrell Owens is okay.