Terrell Owens Opens About His Self-Esteem Issues When Dating Black Women

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Terrell Owens is opening about the self-esteem issues he has encountered when he was dating Black women. 

During a conversation with fellow NFL player, Chad Ochocinco, Owens talked about how his self-esteem issues started. “My experiences with Black women growing up wasn’t good,” he said. “When I started dating white girls- my first experience with white girls was when I went to college. I tried to date some Black girls when I was in college. They did not like me. I was skinny, I was scrawny, I was teased from high school even to college, I got teased for being dark-skinned. So there was a lot of self-esteem issues.”

He continued, “ When I got my opportunity, my first experience with a white girl, it wasn’t bad. But I just totally gravitated to white girls after that. That wasn’t the situation. So again, my experiences with Black women growing up wasn’t so good. But that still didn’t deter me from still dating or pursuing Black girls.” 

Owens added, “For me now, where I am, it’s not even about color, it’s not even about race. For me, it’s about somebody that I have some chemistry with, good energy, and I get a good vibe with. That’s where I am.” 

“We all want somebody that we can roll over and wake up to that looks pleasing to the eye. Everybody’s experiences have been different. For me, when I grew up, my high school… I attempted to date Black girls. When I was younger, I wasn’t as handsome as I am now. I didn’t have this beautiful smile as I have now. I was a late bloomer. And when I bloomed, boy did I bloom.” 


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