Tevin Campbell Slams Homophobic Comments! – ‘I Don’t Care If You Call Me Gay, I Can Sing!’

Photo Credit: Earl Gibson/BET/Getty

R&B singer Tevin Campbell remains one of the industry’s most beloved music vocalist. Best known for he his single ‘Can We Talk,’ Tevin have dealt with public scrutiny when it comes to his personal life.  He recently took to social media to address comments regarding his sexual orientation. The ‘Can We Talk’ singer tweets:

“I read the comments I done heard it all “his a$$ loose, he a fag, he gay as hell,” y’all homophobes gotta do better the thing you will NEVER EVER be able to say about me it “that boy CANT saing” that’s the day I will be sitting at home crying and that day will be NEVER.”

He openly spoke on his sexuality many years ago during an interview with Sister 2 Sister. He revealed that he was a “try-sexual.”

He says:

“I’m not gay, but there’s a lot of different things that I do like, sexually. Being in the business, you are introduced to a lot of different things, I’m not gay, but I’m a freak and I think a lot of people know what a freak is.”