Texas Woman Learns Two-Year-Old Son Was Starved, Abused, and Drugged at Day Care [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot

Ta’lor Oliver was horrified after learning that her two-year-old son was starved and abused at Becky’s Child Care in Forney, T.X. for over a year.

Oliver registered her child at the day care, run by owner Rebecca Anderson, because of its great reviews. After meeting Rebecca at her home and place of business, Oliver felt safe due to the home’s tidiness and overall appearance.

After their initial meet, Oliver was no longer allowed into Anderson’s home.

The Daily Mail says the Texas mom recalls Tristan coming home with bruises and abrasions on several occasions. She also says, “He was also always tired and hungry”.

When Oliver questioned the 60-year-old day care owner about the marks on her two-year-old’s body, Anderson brushed it off, claiming it was simply “roughhousing” amongst the kids.

Oliver also claims Anderson did not provide information on her child’s meal plan, daily schedule, or when their diapers were changed.  Oliver says she even visited a pediatrician who was concerned with her son’s lack of weight gain.

Reluctantly, the father of one of the children attending the day care strapped a phone camera to his child’s car seat. The hidden camera footage showed Anderson yanking the father’s child out of his car seat by his bib and giving him a substance with a plastic syringe. 

Police searched Anderson’s home and arrested her last Friday (Sept. 21).

When first questioned about the number of children in her home, Anderson claimed that there were only five children. However, after searching the home, officers found four more kids some time after.

They found three children strapped to their car seats in closet inside of Anderson’s. They found another one in the master bathroom.  

The children had shoelace like ties around their necks, which had to be cut off. Anderson said she put them on there to restrict the children’s movement.

Anderson has admitted to leaving the kids in their car seats for up to seven hours a day, giving them all unnecessary doses of Tynenol.

She is currently in custody on $45,000 bond.