Teyana Taylor Called TMZ Out For Misleading Headline

Teyana Taylor is not feeling TMZ.

The publication caught up with the singer after the Los Angeles show of her Last Rose Petal tour. Teyana made news headlines during her performance after a video went viral of her checking on a fan in distress. The visual shows that the “Gonna Love Me” singer stopped her performance and asked the concertgoer if they were okay. Take a look:

After the show, a TMZ reporter caught up with Teyana at LAX and asked a few questions. The spokesperson asked the singer if she usually would stop her show to check on a fan. Teyana said she’s “always been that way,” and there are videos from past performances to prove it.

Then the interviewer asked Teyana, who seemed like she didn’t want to talk to the outlet, asked her if Travis Scott would have done the same at his festival. On November 5, eight people lost their lives at the rapper’s festival after fans rushed the stage. As a result, Travis, alongside the concert venue, is dealing with several lawsuits and backlash. 

Teyana proceeded to answer and said, 

“There’s videos of him stopping the show, it’s just people are choosing whatever video they’re choosing to choose to make it look like he’s not, but I’ve seen videos of him stopping the show.” Then the pushy reporter asked if she thinks Travis will ever be able to have shows on that level again. Teyana answered, 

“I’m not sure. I don’t get in the middle of all that kind of stuff. At the end of the day, I seen a video of him stopping the show. I think it’s very important for all artists to take proper precaution but also the staffing as well, it’s not just the artist. I mean with Travis, he has large crowds, so we can’t expect him to see every single person, so I just think going forward making sure everybody involved is taking the proper precaution to make sure everybody is okay.”

Following TMZ’s interview with Teyana, they released an article with the headline, “Teyana Taylor Defends Travis Scott, Says Artists Alone Can’t Be Responsible For Safety.” After Teyana saw this, she blasted the publication online. In a Tweet, she said,

“R U serious for this headline??? 1: i made it clear that I always stopped my shows to help my fans. 2: I made clear BOTH ARTIST & STAFF SHOULD TAKE PROPER PRECAUTION to make sure everyone’s safe. 3: I barely even wanted to talk to you motha fuckahs. Always MISLEADING headlines.” The following message said,

“Most importantly I mind my business. ALWAYS. It’s not my job to judge something I don’t have the full details on. This whole situation is a very sad and unfortunate, and my heart and prayers go out to ALL of the parties involved. But stop being [f*ckin] mess TMZ. Messy asses.” Take a look:


TMZ hasn’t apologized or acknowledged Teyana’s post publicly as of yet.