Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert Turned Off Utilities In Her Home, Wants Child Support

Teyana Taylor

Singer and actress Teyana Taylor  has filed new court documents claiming her estranged husband, Iman Shumpert, is slowly shutting off all the utilities at the home where she currently lives with their two children.

In a new court filing, Taylor’s attorney says she woke up in their Georgia home they used to share, only to discover the WiFi and cable was cut off. The next day, the water stopped running as well.

As the divorce between the two celebrities is still pending, a standing order was put in place that was designed to have the couple maintain the status quo until the proceedings are finalized.

But Shumpert, 33, a one-time New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets player, has allegedly been refusing to help support Taylor or their children financially, claiming his money is tied up in investments, according to court documents.

After moving out of their house in October, Taylor was reportedly informed by Shumpert’s brother that the basketball star fully intended to shut off the power at the property.

The “A Thousand and One” star also claims that Shumpert left her to deal with approximately $200,000 worth of home renovations, which he began three years ago.

She’s now asking the judge to hold Shumpert in violation of their standing order, and to order him to pay child support.