The Alleged Daughter Of Carmelo Anthony Looks Exactly Like Him In The Latest Picture

Carmelo Anthony’s alleged daughter looks like his TWIN!

In a recent picture, the two look more alike. Check out a screenshot captured by the Gossip Of The City blog:

Two years ago, Carmelo received negative backlash for allegedly being unfaithful to his wife, Lala Anthony. Carmelo allegedly cheated but never publicly admitted it. 

The alleged baby mother, Mia Burks, called him out for not stepping up, but last year she gave him props for taking care of his responsibilities. 

Last week, Carmelo gave a powerful speech after becoming the 10th best scorer in NBA history on May 3. He surpassed Elvin Hayes with a total of 27,313 points. Carmelo spoke on believing in himself and never giving up. TMZ Sports notes Carmelo was “blackballed” by the league in 2019. He had to fight hard to prove himself again, and he did. Carmelo, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and more are on the elite list of best scorers.