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If you missed last week’s mayhem, we’re giving you a chance to drop your jaws and catch up on the laughs from Steve Harvey FM!

Shirley Strawberry’s Strawberry Letter

Subject:  I’m Not Letting Him Go Without A Fight



[TO HEAR MORE OF STEVE’S RESPONSE, CHECK OUT OUR STRAWBERRY LETTER PODCAST & TAP] Is this lady crazy or what!? #StrawberryLetter “Subject: I’m Not Letting Him Go Without A Fight Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 23-year-old woman and one of my closest friends turned out to be a dirty skank that stole my man. Two years ago, my best friend came to visit me and we went out every night and kicked it. One of those nights, I introduced her to a guy that I have a crush on. I caught the two of them flirting with each other and I went off on her after we left the club. We got in a huge fight and haven’t spoken since. For years I’ve been flirting with this guy, but he never paid attention to me. I’m beautiful and fine as hell, so I don’t understand why he hasn’t pursued me. I only see him when I go out and he’s bought me a drink before, but that’s it. Now I’ve lost a good friend over this guy and he is not even interested in me. The other day, a mutual friend of me and my ex-friend, called me and she said that apparently, my ex-friend is dating the guy that I have a crush on she told me to go look at her Facebook page. I went to her Facebook page and there was a picture of the two of them and the caption was, “I said yes!” They are engaged! This woman stole the man of my dreams, the man I have loved since high school. I was mad as hell, but my friend told me I was overreacting because he was never my man. Here is where I need your advice. I found out the date, time and location of their wedding. I feel like I am fully justified in my anger and I intend to show up and act up at their ceremony. I can’t decide if I’m going to write the “whore” on her car or light the wedding cake on fire, but I’m going to do something. She ruined my life so I want to ruin her wedding. Please tell me that you understand my anger. Maybe he just needs to know how I feel, since I never told him. What should I do? Please advise.”

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Subject: I Hope My Wife Will Have An Open Mind



[FOR MORE, CHECK OUT OUR STRAWBERRY LETTER PODCAST, TAP] – This brother wants a SECOND WIFE in this #StrawberryLetter “Subject: I Hope My Wife Will Have An Open Mind Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been with my wife over 20 years and I’m still deeply in love with her and still find her very attractive and desirable. I travel often for work but I have never cheated on her while I’m away. We got married very young but have managed to keep our marriage interesting. About six months ago, I joined an online dating app after a friend told me about it. I used it to look at the women’s profiles and text back and forth with a few of them. I had no intention of ever meeting up with anyone. It wasn’t long before one special woman got my attention and we had so much in common that we ended up texting and video chatting daily. We have never met in person because she knows I am married and it is wrong. But, the connection I have with this woman feels just like the connection I have with my wife. We are all the same age and I know my wife would also be able to connect both spiritually and emotionally with her. I want more than to have an affair with this woman, I want a life with her as well and I can’t stop thinking that she could potentially be my second wife. I’ve never talked to my wife about the idea of having a sister wife, but the concept seems very interesting. I am not going to keep my online woman a secret any longer. I owe it to my wife to tell her and explain to her what I want to do. I would never leave my wife, so I am praying that it all works out. But first, I want to ask you if I’m overthinking this and I sound ridiculous. Yes, I’m married to a black woman and I know that it could go terribly wrong. How should I approach this?”

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Nephew Tommy’s Prank Call

Subject: The Preacher’s Wife