The Braxton Sisters Shares Heartfelt Message In Celebration of Traci Braxton’s 51st Birthday

The Braxton Family continues to mourn the loss of their beloved, Traci Braxton.

Traci passed away last month after battling esophageal cancer. She would have been 51 on April 2nd and although this tragedy is a tough one, the sisters decided to come together to celebrate her birthday.

Tamar Braxton:

“Someone lied and said ‘it gets easier.’ It doesn’t. You just continue to live without,” Tamar wrote in an Instagram tribute post. “On your last birthday, we all were so hopeful and optimistic and said it wasn’t going to be your last one. We were right because Today and EVERY birthday we will celebrate you just like we said we would. Our sisterly bond is unbreakable. We love you.”

Towanda Braxton:

“Happy Birthday Traci. My beautiful hummingbird. I miss you. I love you so much.

Everyday I wake myself up with disbelief that my Traci is no longer here. If you don’t have sisters, you will never fully understand the bond we have together. Through thick and thin, we always have each other’s back even when we have just finished arguing,” Towanda wrote. “No one knows the true sister bond we shared. Confiding in each other, exchanging secrets. Many tried to come between us but our love for one another was blessed by God. Happy birthday my amazing Traci. I love you and thank you for being you….unapologetic. I will forever keep our promises. Love, your Umba.”

Trina Braxton:

“Happy Birthday to my sister, Traci Braxton. I miss you every day. I still feel like I am dreaming and can not wake up,” Trina wrote along with a photo college of Traci. “Words cannot express the “Traci-ness” that is now missing from our lives. I miss your light, your laughter, and most of all, the amazing heart that only you possessed. I love you, my Trae Rae. Happy Birthday, my darling sister.”


Please continue to lift the Braxton family in prayer.