The Civil Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby To Move Forward

A judge has granted that the civil lawsuit that was filed against Bill Cosby to move forward as planned. 

Judy Huth filed the lawsuit in 2014 against Cosby stating that the comedian groped her as a teenager while at the Playboy mansion in 1974. Her lawsuit would be delayed in 2015 after Cosby’s arrest in Pennsylvania on sex crime charges. 

Huth claims that she was 15 when she was groped by Cosby. He has denied all of her allegations. The actor’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean has tried to convince Superior Court Judge Craig Karlan to delay or dismiss the trial based on Huth changing her story.

The defense also stated that the victim revealed that the incident took place when wasn’t 15 and not in 1974.

“The plaintiff has a whole new story now: she claims that the incident happened in February and/or March 1975- shortly before her 17th birthday,” Bonjean stated in her motion. 

Gloria Allred, the plaintiff’s attorney has declined to talk about the case but confirmed that the trial will begin on Monday. 

Judy Huth’s case is the last civil suit in the state court against Bill Cosby. He currently has another lawsuit against him in New Jersey. His accuser, Lili Bernard claims that she was drugged and raped in Atlantic City by Cosby.