The Family Of The Two Black Girls Have A Lawyer After Racist Sesame Place Incident

The family of the two little Black girls who experienced racism by one of the Sesame Place characters has decided to take legal action and got a lawyer. 


We reported that over the weekend a video, which was posted by the girls’ mother, went viral of the two girls being blatantly ignored by the character Rosita as they tried to shake her hand. This video has sparked outrage for many who have watched it including for Grammy-Award-Winning singer, Kelly Rowland. 

Rowland explained in a now-deleted Instagram story how mad that video made her. Since the Philadelphia water park was called out because of this horrible act, Sesame Place released a statement claiming that the person in the Rosita costume did not intentionally mean to ignore the girls while at the parade. 

According to reports, the family’s lawyer B’Ivory LaMarr stated that they are currently conducting an investigation which will include them speaking to other people who witnessed the incident. They will also be looking at other videos that display the Rosita character ignoring other children of color. 

“While we hate to rush to judgment to consider ‘race’ as the motivating factor to explain the performer’s actions, such actions both before and after the young girl’s request only lead to one conclusion,” LaMarr said.

A Sesame Place Philadelphia rep also released a statement apologizing for what the family went through while at the park. “We will conduct training for our employees so they better understand, recognize, and deliver an inclusive, equitable, and entertaining experience to our guests.”