The Jury Selection In The Breonna Taylor Case Has Begun

The jury selection in the Breonna Taylor case has begun in the trial of Brett Hankison

Hankison is one of the three Louisville, Kentucky police officers who shot dozens of rounds into Taylor’s home resulting in her death. The now terminated officer was the only one charged for the March 13th, 2020 reckless no-knock raid. 

The wrongful death of Taylor sparked nationwide outrage and protests due to no officer being charged for her actual death. Reports stated that the cops were shooting back at Kenneth Walker, Breonna’s boyfriend, who was asleep next to her during the time the raid happened. 

The trial is slated to begin in several weeks and Detective Myles Cosgrove and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly may have to testify. 

Brett Hankison currently faces one to fives years in prison for each of the three counts.