The Mother of Carl Thomas’ Child Claims He Neglected Their Daughter

Carl Thomas
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JULY 03: In this image released on July 3, Carl Thomas attends the Evening Concert Series during the 2021 ESSENCE Festival Of Culture presented by Coca-Cola at University of New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Latoya Young, the mother of singer Carl Thomas’ daughter claims that he has no dealings with their daughter during an appearance on Kendra G’s Singles LIVE!.

Young explained to Kendra G that she and Thomas met during her days as a celebrity interviewer on her show, “Free Nation: Word on the Street.” After a concert, around 3 a.m the two hooked up for a one-night stand, conceiving their daughter.

During Kendra G’s live session, Young expressed her dissatisfaction with Tasha K’s labeling of of her. In a previous interview on Unwine with Tasha K, the host referred to her as “Carl Thomas’ homeless baby moms.”

Tasha K captioned the interview as “Carl Thomas IMPREGNATES Homeless Woman and Abandoned the Child!” on YouTube.

“I did an interview with Tasha K, and she labeled me as ‘Carl Thomas’ homeless baby moms,’ so I didn’t appreciate that,” she said. “Number one, because, OK, when I met Carl Thomas, I met him when I had a show not only on ABC but on the CW, doing my own thing. And that’s how I met him, interviewing him. So, I was not homeless. I owned my salon for 16 years, so that is not correct.”

“I knew this man at least six or seven years before we even slept together. “

Young added that she was stable when she met Thomas but later became homeless after moving to Atlanta.

“I was homeless about five, six months ago,” she continued. “And I was open with Tasha about that, and for her to label me, for her to label me and have that as a caption, number one, it wasn’t true.”

Young added that she had known Thomas for six or seven years before they slept together.

“I didn’t sleep with him as a homeless woman who just went to his room one night because I was homeless,” she continued. “No, I knew this man at least six or seven years before we even slept together. Slept with him once and chose not to deal with him anymore, and he was salty and chooses not to take care of his daughter.”