The Motion To Dismiss Jam Master Jay’s Murder Charge Has Been Denied

A judge has denied the motion to have the murder charge in the Jam Master Jay case dismissed. 

According to reports, a judge has also decided not to try the two men separately in the two-decade-long case. The motions were rejected after the suspects, Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Tinard Washington’s defense attorneys argued that the “federal prosecutors deliberately waited 12 years to charge the men in one trial would prejudice the jury by default.”

On October 30, 2002, Washington and Jordan were accused of shooting Jay execution-style in his studio in front of many witnesses. As reported in the U.S. District Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall’s ruling stated that the murder happened due to a drug deal gone bad. 

However, Judge Hall did dismiss the eight drug trafficking counts that were brought against Jordan in which he allegedly conspired to sell cocaine from 2016 to 2020. Both of the suspects continue to maintain their innocence and their attorneys are stating that their alibis have remained private from the public. 

Judge Hall wrote, “It seems contrary to reason that the Government would delay an indictment on a murder charge against Jordan and Washington- risking the loss of witnesses and other evidence- on the hope that it might 12 years later bring additional charges against Jordan.” 

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