The New ‘Dear Mama’ Docuseries Set To Focus On Afeni And Tupac’s Relationship

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The 2023 docuseries Dear Mama: The Saga Of Afeni And Tupac Shakur  will focus their mother-son relationship. 

According to reports, the docuseries is described as a “deeply personal five-part series that defies the conventions of traditional documentary storytelling to share an illuminating saga of mother and son.” 

Although Tupac’s life was on full display for the world to see, fans have been speculating if there will be any new things about the late rapper’s life that fans don’t know about. The writer, producer, and director of the show stated that he worked hard to bring new things to light. 

“Wherever possible, we tried to find archival footage that hadn’t been seen so there’s a lot that we have in the five parts,” he said. “There’s also audio that’s never been heard. And not just some of his acapellas and vocals, there is a lot of stuff of Tupac from his baby years that had never been seen. For Tupac superfans, I believe that two of the most important things in the project is the never seen before. But most importantly, you get to understand why he made certain decisions.” 

Watch the official teaser of the docuseries below.

Dear Mama is set to premiere on FX on April 21 at 10 p.m. and will be streaming on Hulu the next day.