The ‘New York Times’ Apologizes for Mistaking Angela Bassett for Omarosa

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The New York Times is in the hot seat for mistaking Angela Bassett for Omarosa Managuit-Newman. After the Emmys, the news outlet published a photo of Tiffany Haddish and Bassett presenting an award to Rachel Brosnahan with a caption identifying the actress as Omarosa.

An apology was issued after a Buzzfeed writer shared the photo highlighting the error.

“oh my god the New York Times mixed up Angela Bassett with Omarosa”

The NY Times tweeted, “We regret running an incorrect caption from a photo wire service in some early print editions. We will issue a correction in tomorrow’s paper.”

Bassett responded to the error with a GIF via Twitter of Scandal’s Olivia Pope on the phone saying “It’s handled.” She added, “Hey Everybody, no worries! xoAng.”

Haha!! See below: