The Remake Of ‘The Bodyguard’ Is Set To Feature A Latina Actress

The remake of The Bodyguard is set to have a Latina actress. 

According to reports, screenwriter Matthew López said, “When Warner Bros. approached me about the idea, I quickly said I would but I wanted the protagonist to be Latina. They agreed to that.

He continued, “It was important to me to use this opportunity to get Latin faces up on that screen and to get their stories told in a big way. Instead of focusing on an established star like the one Whitney Houston played, this is about a young Latina performer who has just become famous. It’s about how her life has changed because she is an overnight sensation. In the 21st century, that means she’s in immediate need of protection.”

In the original movie, Whitney Houston played the lead role of the diva singer and Kevin Costner played the role of her bodyguard.   

Do you want to see a Latina actress play in The Bodyguard?