The Shutdown of the Federal Government can Affect Your Tax Refunds

 (Photo credit ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images)

The Federal Government has been partially for two weeks and this shut down can potentially delay many people’s tax refunds. This shutdown comes after Donald Trump and the Democratic Congress are currently in a standoff when it comes to funding the border wall.

This shutdown is currently affecting the livelihoods of more that 800,000 federal employees preventing them from working. This past Thursday, the Democrats, who are currently leading the House, passed a bill to put an end to the shutdown, but Trump can still veto the bill.

This isn’t the first shutdown that has affected tax returns. In October of 2013, federal government shutdown between October 1st to the 17th, that put a damper on the tax filing season of that year.

Hopefully, this shutdown will be over soon.