The Two Women Living With R. Kelly Have Gone Missing, Parents Fear A ‘Suicide Pact’

Photo credit – Scott Olson/Getty Images

The two women living with R. Kelly have reportedly gone missing.

According to TMZ, after the feds raided R. Kelly’s apartment Thursday (July 11th), the girls were nowhere to be found. The Savage family lawyer believes Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary are at an undisclosed location in Chicago with R. Kelly’s people.

The family lawyer fears that the two women may attempt to commit suicide after they realize R. Kelly may be going away for good this time. 

Savage’s family plans on getting the police involved by filing a missing person’s report. 

It’s unclear how much time R. Kelly is looking at, but he’s facing multiple charges of racketeering, sex trafficking and obstruct of justice. 

Earlier this year R. Kelly’s two live-in girlfriends appeared on CBS This Morning with Gayle King and defended R. Kelly and the issues surrounding him.