The White House To Consider Passing Second Stimulus Check

As Coronavirus continues to be a global pandemic, Americans want to know if they will get a second stimulus check or not. 

We covered the report last month, the House passed the bill for another round of money, however, it still has to get passed by Congress and the president, Donald Trump. In March, Trump approved the first round under the $2 trillion Cares Act. 

Over the weekend, Trump said he supports the second wave of checks getting sent out, under the $3 trillion Heroes Act. 

“We’ll be asking for additional stimulus money. Because once we get this going, it’ll be far bigger and far better than we’ve ever seen in this country — that includes as of three of four months ago, when everyone thought it was great and it was great.” 

The details of the bill are where things get fuzzy. House Democrats, Senate Republicans, and White House advisers have to agree on what the bill would look like, and they all have different visions. Sources report the White House and congressional leaders want to find common ground.

Another source reports the Heroes Act faces “scrutiny” in the Senate. The Motley Fool reports, “Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has already said that any further stimulus would be smaller than the CARES Act. He also said it would be the last.”

If the Senate approves, Trump will have 10 days to sign the bill into law. You can click here to see how much you’d get if we get the second round of checks.

Proposals are being discussed until July, we’ll keep you updated.