This is Horrible: Teacher and Nurse Seen Dragging an Autistic Boy Down the School Hallway [Photo]

Photo Credit: Pexels

Autistic Sixth Grade boy, Thatcher Grayson experienced an outrageous form of abuse while in school from his teacher and the school nurse.

According to, Thatcher is a mostly nonverbal boy who went home to his mother with cuts and brusies all over his body. The Mother, Jo Grayson recalls getting a text message from her son’s teacher informing her of an incident that he was involved in but what she saw wasn’t what she expected.

In a video she obtained from her son’s school, it shows Thatcher being dragged down the hallway by his teacher and the school nurse.

“I just don’t understand how someone can do this to a child, let alone to a person with disabilities,” Grayson told CNN. “I want the school district to take action and not just install cameras in every room of each school, but also train their staff accordingly so they know how to handle children with disabilities, or rough situations with children like Thatcher.”

Jo Grayson later went on her Facebook account to post the pictures of her son’s body. See below.