This Might Be Really Good! TLC’s T-Boz Wants To Battle SWV or Xscape

T-Boz from the legendary group TLC is loving the Verzuz’s battles! For Memorial Day fans got to see groups 112 and Jagged Edge go toe to toe playing some of their most iconic songs that have been embedded in our memories.

Singer T-Boz revealed that she would love for her group to battle Xscape or SWV. All three groups were prominent in the late 90s and early 2000s with their timeless music.

During one of the battle celebrations, a fan wrote:

“We NEED TLC VS SWV OR XSCAPE!!!! Vs BATTLE!!! and T-Boz replied, “Tell em.”

It would be so cool to see two girl groups come together for the culture to celebrate music.

Tell us who would you love to see TLC v.s. SWV or TLC v.s. Xscape.