This Week’s Best of … The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Every week, Steve, Shirley, Junior, Carla, Fool No. 1, Nephew Tommy, and Fool No. 2, J. Anthony Brown get together to get you through the morning. From J. murdering your favorite hits to Nephew Tommy making grown men cry with the prank call, there’s never a dull moment on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

If you missed last week’s mayhem, we’re giving you a chance to drop your jaws and catch up on the laughs from Steve Harvey FM!

Shirley Strawberry’s Strawberry Letter

Subject: A father should never have to see that.



[TO HEAR STEVE’S RESPONSE, TAP] Oh Lawd! This young brotha is headed in the wrong direction in this #StrawberryLetter “Subject: A Father Should Never Have To See That Dear Mr. Harvey and Ms. Strawberry, I am a 22-year-old guy and my girlfriend is 21. She still lives at home and she’s a virgin, so we’ve been taking it slow in the sex department. I am falling in love with this girl and I think she loves me. My birthday was two weeks ago and she treated me to dinner. As I was dropping her off at home, she told me to pull over before I got to her house so she could give me a surprise for my birthday. I pulled over a block away from her house. We started making out in the car and then she leaned in and gave me a very special birthday present. It was something I had never received before, if you know what I mean. While this was happening, I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on Hugh around me and I certainly didn’t notice that her dad had pulled up behind my car. At the worst possible moment, her dad was right there, looking through my car window. I screamed, my girlfriend screamed and her dad yelled for her get out of the car. He told me if he ever saw me again, he’d put his boot in my white ass (excuse me, but that’s what he said). I’m a white guy and my girlfriend is black. So do you think he had a problem with the fact that I’m white, or was he just mad about what his daughter was doing to me? I have been dating her for a few months and race has never been an issue. We have snuck to see each other once since this happened, but I don’t want to get hurt because my girl said her dad was very serious about what he said. She won’t admit to her dad that it was her idea and I don’t blame her, but I don’t want to look like the bad guy here. How can I fix things with her dad? Or should I just stay away from her? Please help.

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Subject: My man loves being in the dog house.



[TO HEAR STEVE’S RESPONSE, TAP] There’s some freaky deaky stuff going on in this #StrawberryLetter “Subject: My Man Loves Being In The Dog House Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 28-year-old woman, dating a 34-year-old man. We were together 9 months and waited almost 5 months before we started having sex. He was very kinky and liked to keep it interesting in the bedroom, but it ended up being way too much for me. You’ve answered a letter like this before, but mine is a different because my man is more extreme. My issues started one night about three months ago, when out of nowhere during sex, he started barking like a dog and licking me all over my face. I asked what the hell was going on and he shushed me and told me not to spoil the mood. He told me to say “good boy” while we were having sex. I thought he was playing at first, so I did it. I told him afterwards that it was awkward as hell, but he said he loved it. From then on, we did his doggie routine during sex a few more times. But it got too darn weird one night, when he came in the bedroom naked, on all fours, wearing a leash. He asked me to pet him and take him for a walk in the backyard. Of course I didn’t want to, but I did. We walked out to the yard and he stopped and relieved himself! Yes, in the grass. This pushed me to the edge and I broke up with him and left his naked behind in the yard. I can never have sex with him again. Now he’s calling me nonstop and begging me to hear him out. He sent me a link to an online group of people that also indulge in this fetish. It’s all too freaky for me, but now I have a major problem. I am pregnant by him. I don’t want my child to have a freaky father that might lick on him and make him potty in the backyard. I really just want to move away and not even tell him that I’m pregnant. I know that’s not right though. What should I do? Please advise. “

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Nephew Tommy’s Prank Call

Subject: 4 – 3 relationship.


Subject: Can I have your kidney?



J. Anthony Brown gives the Steve Harvey Nation an update on his health.