Three Men Get Away With $300K In Front Of Chase Bank In Brooklyn

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Three men are being sought out by police after they robbed a Brinks truck of $300,000 in front of a Chase Bank. 

The robbery took place in Brooklyn at the Chase Bank on 5423 Eighth Ave around 1 p.m. Two of the men distracted the Brinks truck driver by asking for directions. The third man took the unattended bag that was left on the bumper of the truck. 

Police say that the man with the bag ran south on Eighth Avenue, while the other two men ran elsewhere. The men have yet to be caught, however photos and descriptions of all three men were released by the NYPD. 

They stated that the man who stole the bag was of a slim build and was wearing a black winter hat, gray pants, black sneakers, a black hooded jacket. One of the men that distracted the driver was seen wearing black hat with a white trim, a hooded black winter coat, gray pants, and black sneakers.

The last man was described as medium build, wearing a black face mask, jacket, sneakers, and a black book bag. 

The police ask if you have any information on this incident please call NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477.