Tiffany Haddish Says She Still Respects Mo’nique After Club Shay Shay Interview

Tiffany Haddish recently addressed remarks made by Mo’Nique during an appearance on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, expressing her gratitude for being on the minds of those she looks up to. Haddish emphasized that despite not being friends with Mo’Nique, she respects her and understands their differing perspectives.

“I’ve been on your mind and I didn’t even know I was on your mind!” Haddish exclaimed, speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the 2024 Super Bowl. “She’s not my friend, so I get it, you know. I’m not close to her, we never had a conversation about that, so at the end of the day, I understand and I respect her. I do have respect for her and that’s it.”

Mo’Nique’s remarks on Club Shay Shay stemmed from past incidents, including Haddish’s comments on her husband Sidney Hicks and her stance on Mo’Nique’s boycott against Netflix in 2018. The conversation also delved into Haddish’s legal issues from 2022, wherein she and Aries Spears faced allegations of grooming.

Mo’Nique responded to Haddish’s past comments by referencing her husband and arrest record, suggesting a hypothetical scenario where Haddish might not have faced legal issues if she had a husband like hers. Despite these exchanges, Haddish maintained her composure, viewing Mo’Nique’s comments as coming from a place of familial guidance rather than animosity.

“You know how we do… I was like, ‘Oh dang, I’ve been on your mind and I didn’t even know I was on your mind!’ So, I’m grateful,” Haddish said, reflecting on Mo’Nique’s remarks. “I’d rather not do anything behind anybody’s back; I’d rather do it to your face. I come from the 1900s, we talk to your face.”

Haddish’s approach underscores her belief in addressing conflicts directly and privately, rather than airing them out publicly. Despite the differences between her and Mo’Nique, Haddish maintains a sense of respect for her fellow comedian, indicating a willingness to engage in honest and respectful dialogue should the opportunity arise.