Timbaland Says R. Kelly Is The King Of R&B

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Hip-hop and R&B producer, Timbaland is feeling the heat from social media after his latest comments surrounding R. Kelly.

In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe on his new podcast, Club Shay Shay, Timbaland shared his thoughts about R. Kelly’s career and where it stands today.

“R. Kelly’s the king of R&B. We all know that, man,” he said in response to Sharpe’s comments about separating art from artists. “And it’s funny, I’m glad you talk about that, because I be having talks—everybody jump when you say R. Kelly. I’m like, so we just gonna ignore his music that he gave us, that we all jam to? No, we can’t do that. His art is his art, I ain’t gonna bash the man’s art.”

He continued: “Don’t mix music up with personal. Music is a feeling, it stands alone. Music is something that don’t have no race, it brings people together. It don’t have no drama with it. It is a place of enjoyment, a feeling, so don’t bring drama into music. Leave that outside.”

The Extent Of Timbaland and R. Kelly’s Relationship

Both Kelly and Timbaland worked with late singer Aaliyah in the 90s. Kelly married the “More Than A Woman” singer when she was 15 and he was 27. The marriage license illegally showed that the Aaliyah was 18-years-old. Her parents reportedly annulled the marriage. Timbaland and Missy Elliott began working with the singer for her sophomore album, One In A Million.

In a 2011 episode of E!’s True Hollywood Story focused onTimbaland, the producer confessed he was in love with Aaliyah. He said that he knew from the moment he met her, but never acted on his feelings due to their seven-year age difference.

In February, was found guilty of three counts of child pornography and three counts enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity in Chicago. The singer was sentenced to Kelly was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The sentencing followed being found guilty in September 2022, after footage was revealed of him sexually abusing his 14-year-old goddaughter. He is set to serve 19 of his 20-year sentence, in addition to a 30-year sentence.