Tina Knowles Gives The Real Reason Jay-Z Is Always Rubbing On Beyoncé’s Legs!

Have you ever noticed how affectionate Jay-Z is with Beyoncè at basketball games?

Hov can barely keep his hands off of his wife, the Queen Bey. Initially, fans began thinking it was due to anxiety, but Tina Knowles shared the real reason why.

Tina made a post on Instagram. She shared a meme that had a variety of images of Jay-Z infamously rubbing Beyonce’s leg. Tina said it’s because Hov simply just loves Beyonce. In the caption, Tina said, 

“When you love someone, and like them, you just want to touch them. Me and Richard are always touching, even if it’s just our feet! Yeah!! That’s what you do! So comical people [were] saying she has anxiety in public, and that’s why he touches her! Lord people !!!! You can turn something good and healthy into something That it’s not !!! Stop that!!!!!”

She went on to say, “BTW, if someone has anxiety, then it is great for their partner to touch them to calm and reassure them. That’s a beautiful thing. It just happens to be not the case here.” Take a look:

The Carters were spotted over the weekend at a Nets vs. Bucks at the Barclays.