Tina Turner Filed A Lawsuit Against A Tribute Performer For Looking Like Her ‘Too Much’

Tina Turner is NOT happy!

As reported on The Jasmine Brand, the iconic singer filed a lawsuit against a German-based tribute singer. The publication reports Tina filed a suit against a woman named Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher for looking like her “too much.”

The suit is against Coco’s representative agency, Cofo Entertainment. Tina’s defense team claim since Coco resembles Tina so much; fans can think it’s the teal singer. Tina’s defense said a fan could “easily” confuse the two.

This isn’t the first time Tina wanted to pump the breaks on tribute performers. TJB reports Tina initially filed a suit against Coco’s agency. The suit was over a poster for Coco’s “Simply The Best’ show.” Tina won, and a German court ruled the posters are misleading to the public. However, the posters were eventually re-designed, and Tina lost at the Court of Appeals. They ruled “the risk of confusion did not outweigh an individual’s right to artistic expression,” TJB reports.

The case is now at the federal level in German courts. Tina’s lawyer said, “[Tina Turner] would like to decide when her name and image are used for commercial purposes.”

Coco’s agency argued that if they’re doing a tribute performance, they’d want someone who resembles the performer. A ruling is expected to come out in February 2022.

Take a look at Coco:

This is the real Tina Turner: