Tiny Blames The Music Industry For Failed Relationships

On the latest episode of rapper T.I.’s podcast ExpediTIously, he and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris discusses love and relationship issues. The two opened up about the music industry and how people view love. During the show, T.I. asked Tiny:

“Do you think that today’s music and pop culture, in general, has anything to do with how people think about relationships and marriage?

Tiny response:

“I think yeah it can be a distraction because you know there’s a lot of h*es and b****** …like there’s no real love in the songs. Everybody’s getting away from the love, the music is f*ing everybody up.”

T.I. felt differently. He says:

Y’all don’t wanna hear that s***, listen man I’ve seen more girls sing the most derogatory raps.

He adds:

“The way that y’all [women] gravitate to– and I would also add that you say you want a certain type of man, but you continuously allow yourself to be attracted to the antithesis.”

See the clip below:


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