Tisha Campbell Shares That She Was Nearly Abducted By Human Traffickers

Tisha Campbell reveals that she was almost abducted while waiting for a cab. 

The actress took to social media to share the encounter. She explained to her followers that she is currently filming a project in a town that doesn’t have Uber. She went on to say that she was given a phone number to call for her cab when a “sketchy” van pulled up and tried to take her. 

“The van that pulls up is real sketchy looking but there’s a guy in the back seat. So when he jumps out, he’s just standing there. I thought he was getting dropped off, but he’s just standing there. He goes, ‘Get in’, and I go ‘What?’. He goes, ‘Get in” and I go “No!”, Campbell said.

Watch the entire video below. 

We’re glad to know that Tisha Campbell is alright.