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Whether you are a first time visitor or a New York native, we have listed some of the most prominent gospel churches in the New York area below. Check it out now!


1. Temple of Restoration 


Temple of Restoration is a Pentecostal Ministry located in the heart of Brooklyn just a few blocks away from the Barclay Center on 490 Pacific Street. This ministry started off with just a handful of people and currently  has multiple locations with thousands of visitors and members attending service weekly. The ministry not only spreads the good word on Sunday, but also provides financial restoration on Mondays, health restoration on Tuesdays, bible studies on Wednesdays, family restoration on Thursdays, and deliverance on Friday! They also provide assistance to all those in need with a 24 hour prayer line. Now is what you call a spiritual restoration ! 


2. 1st Corinthian Baptist Church

1st Corinthian Baptiste Church has a huge congregation of over 7, 000 members welcoming all walks of like to join their praise and worship. This Harlem based church has a reputation of holding uplifting services, causal ambiance, and an amazing choir. 

1st Corinthian Baptiste Church also opened up The Hope Center just a few blocks away from the church. This center was created to provide counseling for individuals within the Harlem community that may be suffering from mental health issues and/or disorders. Their services are held on Sundays at 7:30am, 9:30am, and 11am at 1912 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. and 116th Street. 


3. Calvary Baptiste Church 

Calvary Baptiste Church has an extremely diverse congregation representing more than 20 countries and over a dozen native languages. Their aim is to engage NYC and the message of Jesus Christ through a handful of core values such as : Orthodoxy, Reconcliation, Diversity. Life, Love/ Compassion, Faith, Transformation, Proclamation, Witness/Evangelism, and Leadership. 

They are currently located on 123 West 57th Street between the Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenue near Carnegie Hall in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. 



4. Christian Culture Center

Christian Culture Center, better known as “CCC” is infamously known for vibrant, modern, and energetic sermons normally lead by Pastor A. Bernard. This church is the middle ground between personal life and personal mission, which is spiritual growth. The members of this congregation multiply daily because of their ability to connect with both the youth and the elderly. 

CCC does a great deal of missionary work and provides a school ministry, nursery, biblical studies, youth programs, and much more. 

5. Abyssinian Baptiste Church 

Abyssinian Baptiste Church is historically known as the first African- American Baptist church in New York State withholding one of the oldest and most significant Black congregations! 

According to, “A group of African Americans (twelve women and four men ) who refused to accept segregated seating in the First Baptiste Church of New York City formed the Abyssinian Church in lower Manhattan”. 

Abyssinian’s dedicates itself to religious, educational, and community development. They founded the Abyssinian Development Corporation , which funds the creation of apartment units for the elderly and homeless in conjunction with the New York City Partnership. 


6. Brooklyn Tabernacle

Brooklyn Tabernacle is an evangelical non-denominational church located in downtown Brooklyn, Ny. The church is mostly known for their graceful sermons, multicultural congregation, and stellar performing choir! The six time grammy award winning choir had the opportunity to perform at President Obama’s 2013 inauguration by the grace of God. 

The 1,383 seat theatre turned church is home to many worshippers of Christ through New York City. Brooklyn Tabernacle maintains a reputation of enticing all age groups especially the youth-  by provide engaging youth programs, trips, and missionaries for all. 




7. United Pentecostal Deliverance 


This church will have the people in the congregation screaming AMEN! 

United Pentecostal Deliverance is an intimate church designed for all worshippers who enjoy shouting their love for Jesus to the heavens above. Providing a slew of passionate worshippers, United Pentecostal Deliverance encourages every visitor and member to leave their nerves at home and be prepared to dance their sins away! 

The church provides food and beverages at the end of their services. They also provide plenty of programs to join such as bible study, missionaries, and annual events! 

United Pentecostal Deliverance is currently located on 810E 49th St, Brooklyn, NY.


8. Bethel Gospel Assembly

Bethel Gospel Assembly is a god serving ministry based in Harlem, Ny. The ministry currently holds over 1200 members and more than 40 auxiliaries. 

With a promising mission to influence the world as a loving church, Bethel Gospel Assembly has committed to reaching the world through a series of missionaries from Israel all the way to Japan. 

They also provide a handful of ministries providing opportunities in radio, television, computer technology, youth service, evangelism, social services, evangelism and much more !