Trevor Noah Calls Out Elon Musk Over New Twitter Regulations

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Trevor Noah is voicing his frustrations over Elon Musk’s new ideas for verified Twitter users.

Since fully acquiring the social media platform, Musk has announced that he wants verified users to pay a monthly subscription fee or they will lose their blue check marks. The fee was originally going for $20 but it was later decreased to $8 a month, however, Trevor Noah was not happy with the proposal.

During a recent episode of The Daily Show, he said, “For months now, Musk has said that he wanted to own Twitter, right? And the reason he wanted to own Twitter is because he wanted to make sure that it became a haven for speech. He wanted to change it to that. Because let’s be honest, up until now, you know, people have really held back on Twitter.” 

He continued, “I always find myself scrolling and thinking, ‘But what do you really think? Why are you so reserved, sir?’” Noah went on to talk about the “extra free speech” that the app had seen since the takeover. 

“In the first 12 hours under Elon’s ownership, the use of the n-word on Twitter shot up 500 percent,” the talk show host said. The NAACP also released a statement about the over usage of the n-word and called it “the dangerous, life-threatening hate, and conspiracies that have proliferated on Twitter under his watch.” 

What are your thoughts on this?