Trey Songz Faces More Sexual Assualt Allegations

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Trey Songz is facing new sexual assault allegations. 

It’s been reported that two women are claiming they were assault victims of Songz. They recall waking up the morning after a house party in 2015 that was hosted by the singer and found him to be “engaging in heinous non-consensual sexual acts.” 

The women, being identified as Jane Doe A and Jane Doe B in the 17-page complaint, also said that the “Love Lost” singer forced himself on them and were forced to drink from open liquor bottles. The complaint also reads, “Trey Songz, cloaked in his celebrity status, believed he could act with impunity. He is wrong.” 

It continued, “Jane Doe A and Jane Doe B came to his Bell Canyon, California residence on August 2, 2015, expecting a celebration. Instead, they were subjected to acts so heinous, so contrary to basic human decency, that they defy comprehension.” 

The women said that they met Songz after one of his concerts and were invited to the after party where they had to give a password upon entry. They said that they also had to surrender their cell phones. The party was full of mostly women and a few men.

The victims claim that they were drugged after feeling “intensely intoxicated” after drinking a fair amount of alcohol. They went on to say that they remember sitting on a couch near the pool before Songz intervened and took them upstairs to the bedroom, where they fell asleep fully clothed. 

One of the women said that Songz forced himself on her and was overpowered when trying to fight back and resist. Michael Freedman, Trey Songz’s attorney said that this complaint is “yet another example of nearly decade-old allegations being repurposed to take advantage of California’s constitutionally questionable new look-back window.”

Over the past few years, Trey Songz has faced numerous sexual assault allegations. Last February, he was accused of rape that took place in 2016 and sued for $20 million. However, in 2020, he would be cleared of a Vegas assault investigation. 

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