Tristan Thompson Slammed By First Son’s Family


The aunt of Tristan Thompson’s first son claims the NBA star shows favoritism for his other kids.

In December 2016, Tristan Thompson welcomed a son, Prince, with his first child’s mother, Jordan Craig . According to TMZ, the sister of Craig, Kai, alleges that Thompson is a poor parent to Prince.

“It’s so painful to see how Tristan can find the time to do these nice things for others but can’t seem to show up and be a real parent for my nephew Prince,” Kai expressed in a post.

Kai continues, “The fact that he can take other children to school and activities in the same city, yet never sees or speaks to his own son, unless it’s for a party or planned photo opportunity, is appalling and inexcusable.”

She then turns her attention to his child support payments, claiming that Thompson has not paid for Prince’s tuition or child support in a very long time.

“Despite it all, my sister continues to work mulitiple jobs as she has since she was 16-years-old, so that Prince will never have to feel a difference,” she added.

Craig began dating Thompson in 2014 but their two-year relationship turned sour and ended when the lothario became involved with Khloe Kardashian

The young mom was pregnant with Prince and, as previously claimed in court papers, still romantically involved with Thompson when he began dating Khloe in 2016. 

Thompson now shares two children with Kardashian: 5-year-old daughter True, and 1-year-old son Tatum, who was conceived through IVF in November 2021, just weeks before the birth of his third child, whom he shares with fitness model Maralee Nichols.