True or Troll? Dennis Rodman Claims Madonna Offered Him $20M To Have His Baby!

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein


Do you believe Rodman or do you think he’s trolling his fans? 


According to the former NBA star, once upon a time his ex from 1993, Madonna called him to let him know that she was ovulating and wanted to get pregnant.


Rodman stated that Madonna sent over a jet to Las Vegas to pick him up so they can have intercourse, and then he immediately left and went straight back to Vegas to continue gambling.


The deal was that Madonna would pay him twenty MILLION dollars if Rodman was to get her pregnant and she conceived the child. It seems as though it never happened, because the ‘Material Girl’ never had Rodman’s baby, nonetheless, he did mention that he believes she made a similar agreement with her child by trainer Carlos Leon…