Twitter In Shambles After Rachel Dolezal’s Nude OnlyFans Pictures Leak

If you were on Twitter, and randomly saw Rachel Dolezal, THIS is why.

The White woman, who identifies as Black, is on OnlyFans, and according to Yahoo, she’s had an account since 2022. She reportedly has a profile to promote herself wearing Rihanna’s lingerie, Savage x Fenty. In addition, to share “creative content” and interact with fans. 

Visitors can pay $9.99 for access. However, Rachel’s pictures on the platform leaked and made their way to social media. Online users were NOT happy. Take a look at some reactions.

One person said, “To have leaked Rachel Dolezal’s onlyfans that means [you] would have had to pay for it so you going to hell twice. For leaking and paying.” Another online user wrote, 

“if you post Rachel Dolezal’s onlyfans on my TL, you’re getting blocked.” Someone else said, 

“The worst part of the Rachel Dolezal onlyfans is all the money spent on seeing a nude white woman pretending to be Black that could have been going to other hard-working actual black women on onlyfans. She keeps finding new ways to take from the Black community.”

It’s not clear how the exclusive pictures ended up online. She has yet to speak on the matter publicly. We’ll keep you updated.